Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Celadon Green

About a year ago I spent a few weekends in Paris where I discovered
a French gem known as Laduree. This Parisian restaurant and pastry shop is known the world over for their luxury cakes and pastries. They are known as the inventor of the macaron, which they sell 15,000 every day. I was responsible for purchasing 24 of the 15,000 one afternoon....
Heaven in a box!

Absolutely beautiful. Almost too beautiful to eat...almost

The Gossip Gals with the famous Celadon Green Laduree shopping bag.

The famous entrance on the Champs-Elysees

A whimsical cake in their window

While waiting in line I took a few pictures of the macarons and the most gorgeous boxes you have ever seen...I based the number of macarons I ordered on the box that they would wrap them in.
Pistachio, Raspberry, Blackcurrant Violet, Caramel with Salted Butter, Red Fruit, Orange Blossom and Rose were just some of the unforgettable flavors that were in my celadon green box.

A few weeks after I discovered Laduree I got to visit Paris again. And upon my return I made sure to spend an evening at the Laduree restaurant. Here is my appetizer...I don't exactly remember what it was that I ordered, but I do remember that there was a candied hibiscus on the top...which is why I ordered it!

The interior of the restaurant was everything it should be...French!

Once in a life time...I can still taste the rose macaron like it was yesterday

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